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Sasa Bumbu Lumur Ayam Special 26g


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Product Description
PT. Sasa Inti (Sasa) is a food company from Indonesia that was founded by Rodamas in 1968.

PT. Sasa Inti leads the category by creating various product innovations through the Sasa brand, ranging from Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), seasoned flour, coconut milk, instant seasonings, flavoring broths, and a range of sauces that provide a taste experience for all tastes and help consumers enjoy delicious, healthy food. , and quality.

The name “Sasa” is an acronym for “Sari Rasa” which has a slogan (brand tagline) “Sasa Melezat”, in accordance with its role in delicious various flavors of cuisine.

Sasa Philippines products :
– Nasi Goreng Telur (fried rice egg flavor)
– Nasi Goreng Ayam Special (fried rice chicken flavor)


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