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Sajiku Tepung Bumbu Golden Crispy 80g


Category: In Stock, Seasoning

Product Description
Sajiku Tepung Bumbu is the right blend of selected flour and spices, making fried products taste and smell delicious and crunchy in a practical way at home.
It is suitable for making fried foods: chicken, tempeh / tofu, seafood, meat and vegetables.

Usage: How to cook with 3X coating / layer:
1) Roll the chicken pieces into the dry mixture, then tap them. 2) Dip the chicken pieces into the wet mixture until blended (1 tbsp flour: 5 tbsp water). 3) roll into the dry dough while kneading until a curly flour skin forms. Ready to fry.

Servings: 1 pack of SajikuĀ® 80 Gram Golden Crispy Seasoning Flour for 2-3 pieces of chicken (250 grams of chicken).


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