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Roma Sari Gandum Susu & Cokelat 115g


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Category: In Stock, Snacks
Product Description
Snacking has become one of the habits that are often done by most people whether they are doing activities or when they have free time. However, are the snacks they enjoy good for their health? So, choose snack foods that suit your preferences but still maintain your health.
Roma Sandwich Sari Gandum Peanut 155G is a snack food in the form of biscuits made from wheat and filled with nutritious milk. These whole grain biscuits can provide many benefits for anyone who consumes them because wheat germ contains fiber, antioxidants, several vitamins, selenium, zinc, and magnesium which can support your nutritional needs. It is also enhanced with the added taste of nuts and nutritious milk which adds to the enjoyment of the wheat biscuits themselves. Roma Sandwich Sari Gandum Peanut 155G is also suitable as a diet snack menu.
From now on, don’t worry anymore in choosing snack foods. Because Roma Sandwich Sari Gandum Peanut is here as a healthy snack that you can enjoy every time alone or with your loved ones so that your snack time will be even more fun and healthy.

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