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Qtela Tempe Rumput Laut 55g


SKU: eab017966842
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Product Description
Tempe is a protein-rich food ingredient that is good for fulfilling the body’s nutrients. This one food has been known and enjoyed by all people from all walks of life, and has even been processed in various forms of processed food. Now Indofood Fritolay makes tempeh as a raw material for its newest snack, Qtela Tempe Chips to bring a delicious and nutritious snack companion to accompany your relaxing time. Qtela Tempe Original 55g is a variant of Qtela Tempe Chips made from selected soybeans. Qtela Tempe Chips are processed and processed in a modern and hygienic manner to produce quality snack chips with special flavors. With its original, savory taste, Qtela Tempe Original makes gathering with friends and family even more fun. Make Qtela Tempe Original the right friend to accompany your relaxing time or get together with friends or family. The original, savory taste and practical packaging make it easy to carry and enjoy anytime and anywhere.

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