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Merbabu Kerupuk Tempe 225g


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Category: In Stock, Snacks
Product Description
Merbabu, tempe crackers 180g, are raw crackers ready to be processed by Merbabu, which are produced to complement the needs of side dishes in your home. Merbabu tempeh crackers are made from selected ingredients that are processed hygienically to produce good quality ready-to-process chips. The texture of the tempeh crackers is crunchy and fluffy perfectly after being fried. All Merbabu products are strictly controlled by the Internal Team and External Body so that they are healthy, safe, hygienic, clean, and nutritious, making Merbabu products the choice of your family. Comes in a 225g pack that is ideal to be processed to be enjoyed with friends and family. Enjoy the crispy and crunchy Merbabu Kerupuk Tempe 225g to accompany your meal.

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