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Marjan Sirup Rasa Melon 460ml


SKU: 08023a445d5f
Category: Drinks, In Stock
Product Description
MARJAN COCOPANDAN SYRUP A Taste of Luxury Provides Instant Refreshment Marjan Boudoin Syrup Cocopandan is a syrup with pandan coconut flavor. The syrup is thick and has a luxurious, pure, and refreshing taste. The right sweet taste, quench thirst and provide freshness. Marjan Boudoin Syrup Cocopandan Suitable to be enjoyed in various situations and can be used to create food and beverage offerings to make it more delicious.
• Drink syrup with real sugar
• Taste of Cocopandan
• Produced from fresh fruit juice combined with other quality ingredients
• The combination of fresh fruit juice and quality ingredients from this syrup produces a special fruity taste, especially when enjoyed cold or with ice.

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