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Jetz Hollow Rasa Paprika 35g


SKU: 28961d371427
Category: Snacks
Product Description
This seasoned-rich snack has always accompanied you and your family until now. Apart from the delicious spicy-salty taste, this snack is safe to eat and does not make your throat itchy. JetZ Hollow Paprika Snack is a snack made from high quality ingredients so that it produces a distinctive and crunchy taste. Suitable to be enjoyed when relaxing with friends and family.
Composition: Potato starch, potato flakes (containing the antioxidant ascorbyl palmitate), palm oil, paprika seasoning (contains flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate, disodium5, ribonucleotide, natural sweetener steviol glycosides, curcumin coloring CI75300).

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