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Chitato Rasa Sapi Panggang 68g


SKU: d1613ba09fc3
Category: In Stock, Snacks
Product Description
Known as carbohydrate-producing food, potatoes are widely consumed to produce energy for the body. The many nutritional content and health benefits make potatoes processed into a variety of food products, from boiled, fried, to baked foods. Now Chitato is here to provide a way to enjoy eating delicious and practical potatoes in your leisure time. Made from real potato with wavy pieces that come in various thick and strong flavors to give a new experience with every bite. Chitato potato chips are processed hygienically and in a modern way without preservatives and MSG. Also cooked in natural oils and a pinch of salt for the perfect potato chips, crispy and delicious. Enjoy delicious chitato with friends and family. Delicious roast beef flavor and practical packaging, make Chitato the perfect companion to accompany your snacking or relaxing time.

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