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Bon Cabe Max End Level 50 Botol 30g


SKU: 42857c99b981
Category: Hot And Spicy, In Stock

Product Description
BonCabe is the first Chili Flakes (sambal tabur) in Indonesia made from the best choice of real chilies to accompany your eating activities to make it spicier. Not only spicy, the mixture of typical Indonesian spices in the BonCabe processing process also supports the BonCabe taste to be even more delicious and excellent!!

Currently BonCabe comes in 6 different flavors and levels.
Boncabe level 30 (Original taste)
BonCabe level 15 (Original taste)
BonCabe roa level 15 (Roa Fish flavor)
Boncabe level 10 (Original taste)
BonCabe teri level 3 (anchovies flavor)
BonCabe ebi level 2 (Ebi Kriuk flavor)
BonCabe Nori (seaweed flakes flavor)

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